SEKO Logistics streamlines cross-border commerce with Descartes technology

By Roger Hailey


SEKO Logistics has streamlined international cross-border e-commerce for more than 10m parcels worldwide each month.

The supply chain specialist, which in January launched e-commerce business unit Seko ECommerce, is using Descartes’ solutions for air cargo and e-commerce security filings, speeding the customs clearance processing time.

David Emerson, global VP, e-commerce solutions at SEKO Logistics, said: “Cross-border e-commerce is growing significantly and more customers are looking to us to simplify the complexity of filing security and customs entries as goods travel by air between countries. 

“Descartes’ high-level filing automation enabled SEKO to further manage the extraordinary volumes we’re shipping. As SEKO expands internationally and regulations change, such as Brexit, Descartes has the solutions we need to grow.”

Descartes provides connectivity and air messaging services to customs authorities around the world, helping shippers and freight forwarders to comply with security and customs requirements by filing air waybill information electronically for shipment clearance.

For e-commerce shipments coming into the US, where the total value does not exceed $800, companies use Descartes’ Section 321 Type 86 customs entry file basic shipment details to automatically at the air manifest level with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP.

This process allows for the expedited import of goods without the payment of duties and taxes. 

Said Scott Sangster, vice president, global logistics service providers at Descartes: “We’re pleased to help SEKO move a high volume of international ecommerce shipments more securely, compliantly and efficiently.

“With cross-border trade regulations constantly evolving, ecommerce can pose compliance and customer service challenges when transporting goods by air.

“Descartes has a long-standing track record of working proactively with customers and customs authorities to keep pace with change, so companies can electronically transmit security and fiscal declaration filings to government agencies more easily and reliably.”

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