Cargojet piles on the pounds for e-commerce peak demand

Canadian overnight freighter operator Cargojet said that it handled “record volumes” and added capacity to meet e-commerce demand for overnight deliveries driven by Amazon’s Prime Day shopping holiday. 

Ajay Virmani, president and chief executive, said: “Cargojet handled in excess of  1,000,000 pounds [454 tonnes] more than an average week and operated 23 additional flights for prime week with 100% on-time reliability,” added Virmani. 

Cargojet is Canada’s leading provider of time sensitive overnight air cargo services and carries over 590 tonnes of cargo each business night. 

Virmani added: “The continuing and tremendous growth of on-line shopping by Canadians is contributing to increased demand for Cargojet’s time sensitive overnight air cargo services.

“Our major customers experienced significant volume growth this past week and Cargojet’s overnight air cargo network is continuing to enable e-commerce delivery across Canada, by leveraging our existing aircraft fleet with additional daytime and overnight flights and capacity to meet this demand.”

The carrier operates a fleet of B757 and B767 freighters across its North America network every business night.

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