FTA welcomes Brexit ‘no-deal notice’ for aviation

UK supply chain organisation Freight Transport Association (FTA) has welcomed the government’s publication of no-deal notices outlining the potential impact of Brexit on aviation, road haulage and the import and export of food products.
The no-deal notices explain what could happen to various industries if the UK government and the European Union fail to reach an agreement on their future relationships before the country leaves the union in March next year.
In the case of aviation, a no-deal scenario could result in flights between the UK and Europe being grounded unless agreements can be forged on a country-by-country basis.
FTA head European policy Pauline Bastidon said: "These notices, while confirming what we already knew concerning the impact of a no-deal Brexit on freight transport and borders, will hopefully help traders and logistics companies prepare for the worst case scenario.
"They demonstrate that contingency agreements are needed to at least protect basic transport connectivity between the UK and the EU.
"FTA recognises the Government’s efforts to secure such agreements, either with the EU or with member states bi-laterally, and calls on EU-27 leaders and the European Commission to recognise the need for these contingency measures for freight transport, a sector which supports the entire economy."