40th birthday for A300

AIRBUS celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Franco-German agreement, which launched its first ever aircraft programme, the A300. On 29 May, 1969, the French minister of transport, Jean Chamant and the German minister of economic affairs, Karl Schiller, (right) signed an agreement for the joint development of the A300 aircraft, Europe’s first twin-aisle, twin-engine jet for medium-haul air travel.

Tom Enders, Airbus president and chief executive officer, says: “40 years ago – in May 1969 – the commercial jet aircraft market was entirely dominated by the US industry. Giving the go ahead for the A300 was a bold strategic decision.

“The pioneering spirit of our engineers as well as Airbus’ continuous strive for innovation and international cooperation have made us a global market leader and at the same time a symbol for successful European cooperation. ‘New standards together’ this is our guiding principle and from now on our new tagline that will keep us ahead.”

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