AAC Capital Partners acquires Envirotainer

AAC Capital Partners (AAC), a Northern European buy-out firm, has acquired a majority stake in Sweden’s Envirotainer, the provider of temperature-controlled airfreight containers for the pharmaceutical industry. AAC bought the stake from Industrifonden and other private investors, and Envirotainer’s management will also be investing alongside AAC.Thomas Persson, chief executive officer of Envirotainer, said: “We look forward to working with AAC to grow the business in the coming years. There is a significant opportunity to expand the business to the benefit of our customers in the next few years and we are delighted to partner with AAC’s expertise to help us deliver it.”David Holm-Ovren, partner at AAC Capital Partners in the Nordics, said: “Led by a seasoned management team, Envirotainer has established itself as the clear market leader in a high growth sector. We see significant growth in the biological pharmaceuticals industry and believe that there is a concurrent growing need for temperature-controlled transport going forward.”

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