AAWW begins contract talks

THE pilots and flight engineers of Atlas Air and Polar Air Cargo (AAWW) have begun briefings on a joint collective bargaining agreement under the Teamsters Airline Division.

The new contract has been labelled as ‘game-changing’ in an industry where pilots have suffered devastating losses in pay, pensions, benefits and changes in work rules that have eroded their quality of life in recent years. The new contract now places the crewmembers of the new combined unit, known as Atlas Air Worldwide, on par with the pay and benefits of many passenger airlines.

Hourly rate pay raises averaging 30 per cent for Polar and 14 per cent for Atlas bring the two groups to parity; and work rule changes over the current working agreements can yield a monthly increase of up to a 41 per cent for Atlas crewmembers and a 50 per cent for Polar crewmembers, when compared to similar flying conducted under the old work rules.

Additionally, improvements in the number of days of vacation, additional medical disability coverage, an expedited grievance process with the union control of the docket, and a US$10.5 million signing bonus are some of the additional improvements in the agreement.

Profit sharing is extended to the Polar crews in the agreement as well.

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