ABC appoints new GSA

AIRBRIDGECargo has appointed new general sales agents in Vietnam and Korea.

In Vietnam, Indo-Trans Logistics Aviation Services (ITL Aviation), has been selected as the airline’s GSA. With accession of Vietnam to the WTO in 2006, the country’s exports have been growing at an accelerated pace, offering new business opportunities to cargo airlines and the freight forwarding community. Duly licensed by the Vietnamese aviation authorities, ITL Aviation will undertake sales and marketing activities on behalf of AirBridgeCargo, will promote the name and services of ABC in the country, and will arrange the smooth connection of traffic to the airline’s online network. The new appointment will benefit Vietnamese exporters as well as the growing number of Russian consignees.

Eurussia Air Cargo Inc, has been selected to represent AirBridgeCargo Airlines in Korea. Eurussia Air Cargo Inc is a newly created subsidiary of Sharp Inc, specialising in GSA business and aviation-related services. The new GSA, will introduce and promote ABC services on the highly competitive Korean market in response to the growing demand for freighter services between Korea and Russia. This supports the long-term strategy of AirBridgeCargo to ensure its presence in all key markets of North-East Asia. The proximity of Korea to Japan and China, from where ABC operates B747 services to key destinations in Russia, will help connect the country, using interline arrangements with online carriers, to the AirBridgeCargo network.

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