ABC flies pigs to Russia

AIRBRIDGECARGO (ABC) has shipped 1,275 breeding pigs to Vladivostok (Russia) from Montreal (Canada) onboard a 747 charter flight.

The pigs, weighing an average of 45 kgs each, are to be used to improve the breeding stock at the Vladivostok agricultural centre and from there to farms across the region.

Last year, following a project to transport cows from Melbourne (Australia), ABC was awarded full accreditation for livestock transport into and out of the country and Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) stations at all Australian airports were notified of the airline’s compliance with requirements for the safe air transportation of livestock.

Previous animal shipments delivered by the airline have included rare Akhal-Teke horses for breeding from Russia to China, 105 horses from Amsterdam to Moscow, 380 breeding cows from Melbourne to Kazan (Russia) as well as racehorses, walruses, dolphins, brown and polar bears, elephants, great sturgeons and even a whale.

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