ABX Astar slash jobs

ABX Air is to slash over 1,000 jobs from Wilmington, Ohio, when its airport services contract with DHL runs out on 15 August. Jobs lost will include freight handlers and sorters, and administrative staff. ABX is trying to renegotiate the contract, which would save some of the jobs.

This will leave about 1,300 staff at the site out of the original 8,000 that were there before DHL Express decided to pull out of the US market last November moving the remains of its Wilmington freight operations back to its former home at Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Meanwhile, Astar Air Cargo has cut 121 jobs, mainly from the DHL Air Park at Wilmington, Ohio.

“Because of the economic downturn, our primary customer, DHL, has considerably reduced its requirement for the airlift services provided by ASTAR. Regrettably, as a direct result of their decisions, we are grounding a significant portion of our fleet, and reducing our staff by 121 employees,” ASTAR said in a statement.

Both companies were once the main carriers for DHL Express’ airfreight in the US.

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