ACI backs industry action on climate change

AIRPORTS Council International member airports, have responded strongly in favour of a cross-industry declaration “Aviation Industry Commitment to Action Climate Change’. Director general of ACI, Robert Aaronson, said: “Over 300 airports have signed up to the goals of this landmark industry document, and airport authorities worldwide are already engaged in a broad spectrum of active programmes that address carbon emissions, noise and local air quality.”

Speaking to over 450 delegates attending the Aviation & Environment Summit in Geneva, Aaronson called for accelerated action. “For the airports community, environment has joined safety and security to form a triumvirate of top industry priorities. We agree with our aviation partners on the need to develop new technologies, to optimise our operations, to coordinate with key stakeholders, including government and regulatory bodies and to implement cost-effective economic instruments.

“Airports are integral components of the local and regional community infrastructure; gateways for tourism; enablers of new business development. They are also key community employers and financial contributors. They feel the weight and pressure of corporate responsibility and want to fulfil their public service capacity in a sustainable manner. ACI members have shown that they know that the best choice is to take action sooner rather than later.”

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