ACS big step in CIS

Air Charter Service (ACS) is looking to take advantage of its local know-how in its latest Kazakhstan venture.
Chris Leach, chairman of the Air Charter Service (ACS) group, says his company faced ‘major challenges’ setting up the Kazakh office but he is convinced it is the right move.
He says: “We have had a strong presence in Russia for over 15 years with our offices in Moscow and St Petersburg and we have been looking to expand on this success further throughout the CIS for a few years now. 
“There have certainly been major challenges along the way, but we believe that the Kazakh aircraft charter and cargo market will show strong growth over the next few years due to its natural resources, the resulting investment in the region and the sheer size of the country.
“There will be many charter clients based outside the CIS who will be new to dealing in the region and will be looking for a company with a solid local presence.” 
ACS has seventeen offices spanning five continents.
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