ACS opens new office in Hong Kong

AIR Charter Service has announced the opening of its latest office in Hong Kong.

According to the company it has “positioned itself to benefit from the growing Asia-Pacific and Australasian market, which has seen exceptional growth in private jet usage with official figures showing that since 2003 Hong Kong International Airport has seen steady year-on-year growth of between 35 and 40 per cent in executive jet movements through its Business Aviation Centre, a trend which is set to continue throughout Asia”.

Heading up the Asia-Pacific team is Mike Walsh, who has relocated from the firm’s London office. Yan Fang, Thomas Chan and Stephen Fernandez join the Hong Kong team. Soon to join the team is office manager Money Cheng.

Walsh, director ACS Hong Kong, said: “Serving the Asia-Pacific region from Hong Kong sees the realisation of a long-term dream for ACS and the opening of the office here has been driven by our analysis of customer demand. This is a huge opportunity for ACS and we have now secured a permanent office in the Central district of Hong Kong. Business in Hong Kong, China and the region in general, is undertaken face-to-face so it was vital that we established a key team here in China.”

Tony Bauckham (above), managing director, ACS said: “This is a significant move for ACS, our established global offices network in London, New York, Dubai and Moscow have seen an overall increase in flights consisting of both passenger and cargo of 285 per cent over the last four years and we know that by expanding our presence into Asia, these growth figures will be sustained.”

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