AEI delivers B737-400SF to Sideral Air Cargo

CARGO aircraft conversions specialist Aeronautical Engineers (AEI) has delivered a third B737 classic freighter to Sideral Air Cargo of Brazil.
The aircraft is a high-gross-weight B737-400SF, built in 1990. Its mechanical conversion took place at Commercial Jet’s Miami facility, which is one of five authorised AEI conversion centres worldwide.
Sideral Air Cargo’s fleet now consists of one AEI B737-300SF and two AEI B737-400SF freighters.
Sideral Air Cargo claims to have the highest B737SF utilisation in the world, with an average of 13-15 flight hours and 7-9 flight cycles per day.
Its fleet operates five days a week for the Brazilian Post and the Central Bank.
The AEI B737-400SF is the only passenger-to-freighter conversion product that offers operators 10 full-height 88” x 125” container positions.
This unique capability is achievable due to AEI’s relocated main deck cargo door, which is approximately 40” further back than other reformations.
The additional container position increases AEI’s volumetric carrying capability by 10 per cent – which places the freighter in a class by itself, says a company spokesman.
The latest delivery is the first of an anticipated 30-plus B737 freighters to be delivered in 2014, says AEI.

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