AEI delivers converted freighter to Varig

BRAZIL-based Varig Logistics has taken receipt of a converted freighter.

Aeronautical Engineers (AEI) delivered the second 737-400SF 11 pallet configuration passenger to freighter conversion in December.

The aircraft, a high gross weight 737-400 was built in 1992 and underwent passenger to freighter modification at AEI’s Flightstar Aircraft Services, in Jacksonville, Florida (US). The aircraft is being leased to Varig Logistics by California, US-based Aviation Capital Group.

“AEI remains the only 737 classic conversion company certified in Brazil,” Robert Convey (pictured), vice-president of sales and marketing for AEI, said.

The freighter is equipped with an Ancra Main Deck Cargo Loading System capable of carrying more full height AAA’s than any other 737-400 conversion.

This configuration will allow operators to maximise the interior volume of the 737-400SF by the addition of a tenth AAA ULD position.

Prior to the conversion work Varig had a fleet of 10 727s and 757s.

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