AEI redelivers four 737Fs in third quarter

AERONAUTICAL Engineers (AEI) redelivered four 737SF conversions in the third quarter, 2010.

The first, a 23-year-old 737-300 was sent to Cargo Air (Bulgaria); the second, a 21-year-old 737-400SF, was sent to MNG Airlines (Turkey); the third, 22-year-old 737-300SF to Sideral Air Cargo (Brazil); and the fourth, a 23-year-old 737-200SF, to Transmile Air Services (Malaysia).

Robert Convey, vice-president of sales and marketing at AEI, said: “The redelivery of four 737SFs in one quarter is a strong indicator that economies around the world are starting their upward journey towards recovery. The narrowbody freighter market is unique in that it magnifies regional demand for the movement of raw and finished goods better than any other mode of transportation.”

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