AEO applications take off with Davies Turner

Davies Turner Air Cargo will become one of Europe’s first Authorised Economic Operators (AEOs) from 5 April.

HM Revenue & Customs has approved its AEO application, which entitles the company to benefits under security and safety, as well as customs simplifications effective 1 July, 2009.

The AEO scheme is one of a series of measures being coordinated by the World Customs Organisation as part of a multi-layered approach to facilitating trade and making supply chains more secure and controlled.

Speaking on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs, Jan Marszewski, said: “HMRC would like to take the opportunity to congratulate those businesses that have achieved AEO status in the UK. These businesses, along with those who are currently involved in the application process, are demonstrating their commitment to the much wider programme of supply chain security, not just within the EU, but globally.”

Peter Castree, Davies Turner Air Cargo’s chairman, said: “Gaining AEO status means that we have proved we fully comply with all financial and Customs requirements, as well as demonstrating the first class nature of physical security at all our facilities and throughout our transport operations.

“Some of the tangible benefits of AEO accreditation we can look forward to, include fewer physical and documentary examinations of cargo, priority use of non-intrusive inspection techniques when examination is required, priority processing by Customs when security is heightened and ‘Preferred Trader’ eligibility applies.”

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