Aeroflot and iPhones

AEROFLOT Cargo’s MD-11 Freighters started airfreight operations to transport APPLE iPhones from Hong Kong to Frankfurt Hahn, in partnership with Kuehne + Nagel. Since 25 August, the MD-11Fs make four flights per week from Hong Kong to Frankfurt Hahn and back. At the moment Aeroflot Cargo can carry 20-50 tons of iPhones (about US$200-300 million) per flight. From Hahn they are then delivered to Luxembourg by Aeroflot Cargo’s trucking service.

Airfreight and truck transportation of iPhones necessitate specific and particular requirements, such as obligatory presence GPS, the rigid boards, the second driver, special locks, loading, unloading and following in a column under protection.

Aleksey Sumchenko, commercial director of Aeroflot Cargo, said: “Signing up such a prestige order is a great confirmation of the highest level of Aeroflot Cargo’s service. We expect that this agreement is only the beginning of our collaboration with APPLE. We are sure that our long-time and efficient partnership with a global forwarder of the transport industry – K+N (supported our transportations from Hong Kong and Zaragoza), will bring us new great solutions and provide our association with APPLE for a long time.”

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