Air cargo industry rallies round Typhoon Haiyan victims

THE air cargo industry has been pulling together to help around 11 million people affected by Typhoon Haiyan, which swept through the Philippines killing more than 2,200 people.
Over the last few days, carriers and charter brokers have been transporting desperately needed supplies to the disaster area after winds gusting up to 270km/h completely flattened parts of six central islands, leaving 3,665 injured and many hundreds of thousands of people homeless, according to reports.
Blankets, plastic tarpaulins, tents, Land Cruisers and medical supplies are being transported to the needy via Mactan Cebu International Airport.
German carrier Lufthansa Cargo used an A340-600 wide-body jet to fly 25 tonnes of aid from its Frankfurt hub.  
Air Charter Service dispatched 1,500 tonnes of relief on B727s, B747s, B777s, and aN-12s. 
Chapman Freeborn also enlisted a number of aircraft including aN-12s, B777s and B747Fs to send almost 1,000 tonnes from Europe, the USA and the Middle East. 
Meanwhile, Air Partner organised four B777 and two B747 flights to transport 600 tonnes from the United Arab Emirates and East Midlands International airport in the UK.

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