Air France-KLM and Iraq sign aviation deal

AIR France-KLM has signed a deal with Iraq that will see it heavily invest in Baghdad airport and allow Iraqi Airways to fly to European destinations.

“The memorandum of understanding has three points,” said Transport Ministry spokesman Samir Al-Showaili. “First, technical, which covers enabling Iraqi Airways to code-share flights with Air France-KLM. Secondly, to assist Iraqi Airways to fly international flights, including to Europe.”

The third is to invest in Baghdad airport to bring it up to international standards.

Transport Minister Amer Abdul Jabbar Ismail has also told how the ministry is discussing with German and Danish air freight groups to provide shipping services later this year 2009.

Baghdad airport is still under control of US troops and the road from the airport to the city was infamous for its traffic being attacked by snipers and bombs.

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