Air India fires Arora

AIR India’s (AI) board has unilaterally fired Pawan Arora, the chief operating officer for Air India Express, two months after he took the role.

Acting over the heads of senior management, the board members did not give a reason for the firing, nor did they allow Arora to speak in his defence.

The board had been heavily critical of Arora’s appointment from the start, protesting that not only was his salary too high for the cash-strapped airline but that he didn’t meet all the requirements of the role.

Senior management condemned the move however and defended Arora.

“The board neither discussed any of the appointments nor listened to any arguments in defence of Arora,” said a source within the airline.

AI’s own chief operating officer, Gustav Baldauf (right), who appointed Arora said he will make an official complaint.

At the same time, the board also approved the sale of four 747 freighters, in line with its decision to phase out pure-cargo operations.

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