Air India tackles cargo handler shortage

AIR India flew six cargo handlers from Mumbai to Aurangabad – 400 km away – and back every day during July due to staffing shortages.
In order to cut costs, Air India had tried to implement a lower salary for cargo handlers than the national minimum wage, with the result that handlers stopped turning up for work.
An Air India spokesman confirmed that loaders super commute. “For a couple of weeks some loaders were being sent from Mumbai.
"We have a pool of 10 to 15 loaders in Aurangabad, but the strength started depleting as many were not reporting to work.”
He added that the carrier now had its full complement of handlers.
However, Aurangabad sources say the airline is still shorthanded and with passenger luggage being given priority over belly cargo the airline has been turning some airfreight business away.
Air India denies the alleged staffing shortages.

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