Air India to sell freighters

AIR India has announced plans to sell its six freighters. The airline said the move was due to its plans to split its cargo division off into a separate subsidiary have now become remote.

“We are looking at selling out our six Boeing 737-200 freighters as the plans to have a dedicated cargo business through a subsidiary are unlikely to take off now,” Air India said.

The freighters were converted from passenger jets in 2007 when Air India had plans to launch a dedicated domestic cargo service.

The six Boeing 737-200 freighters belongs to the erstwhile Indian Airlines and were converted into cargo planes from passengers aircraft in 2007 as the airline had plans to launch a dedicated domestic cargo service, using Nagpur as its as the hub.

The airline is already selling four A310-300 freighters, aircraft that had also been converted for the cargo service at a cost of US$40 million.

Air India currently has debts of nearly $4 billion.

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