Air Logistics Brunei to manage RB cargo business

ROYAL Brunei Airlines (RB) has assigned its entire worldwide air cargo business to a third party – in a groundbreaking partnership agreement with global GSSA Air Logistics Group, exclusively reveals Nigel Tomkins.
A new joint venture, which includes BIACC, one of RB’s subsidiaries, and Air Logistics Networks, a UK-based division of Air Logistics Group, the world’s leading cargo general sales and service agent, will benefit from a network of 71 offices for the worldwide sales and marketing of RB’s cargo.
The venture will also manage ground handling activities at all destinations on the RB network.
The all-embracing deal is a landmark co-operation for the air cargo industry. It also means that RB’s newfound global cargo presence and distribution capability will help promote Brunei Darussalam as a key air cargo transhipment point for south-east Asia.
“It’s a groundbreaking air cargo management agreement,” states Stephen Dawkins, chief operating officer at Air Logistics Group.
“RB clearly understands the value of its cargo business and it appreciates how strong outsource partners can create a comprehensive, transparent network adding substantial revenue and immediately decreasing costs, whilst RB maintains its reputable identity on the world cargo stage,” he adds.
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