Air Logistics opens up new horizons

THE painful downturn suffered by the industry over the past 18 months may have a silver lining for GSSAs, according to Air Logistic’s chief operating officer, Stephen Dawkins.

“The last six months has been extremely positive. Measures taken by governments, such as quantitative easing, means that many companies that had frozen their operations and curtailed shipments are now moving again. This upswing in business has been accompanied with feverish activity from airlines looking to outsource.”

Dawkins says that new business models, promoted by progressive GSSAs, are increasingly attractive to airlines searching to cut overheads in a number of business areas – all provided by a single partner.

“IT systems and support, booking and reservations, accounting and sales, are all areas in which we can offer support to airlines as a single solution. Some airlines take individual elements, whereas others are looking for total outsourcing. The amount of airline tenders in the market have increased dramatically since last summer. Every airline is looking to take costs out of its business.”

For the full story read the latest digital edition of Air Cargo News, dated 5 April, here.


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