Airfreight frozen in Libya

UNREST in Libya has resulted in the runways at Benghazi’s Benina International Airport being destroyed in fighting between government security and revolutionary forces. No airfreight is moving into or out of the airport at all.

The airport – the second largest in the country after Tripoli – is used as a technical stop for cargo charters from Africa to Europe.

Egyptian foreign minister Ahmed Ahboul Gheit confirmed the news: “The Benghazi airport runways have been destroyed. It is not possible for EgyptAir flights or any other flights to land in that airport.”

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (right), during a speech, said that “planes cannot land because cockroaches are surrounding the airport and trying to attack us”.

Kuwait-based Agility Logistics, which operates to Libya, said: “The situation is changing on an hourly basis. As protests in Libya have grown, communications have been disrupted, with no Internet access across the country and limited phone services. Transport links have been impacted causing delays to road freight. All ports are currently closed and airfreight into the country is suspended.

“At present all operations have been suspended until the violence and unrest subsides and transport infrastructure is restored. There are currently no airfreight services being run into Libya due to safety concerns. As the situation continues to deteriorate, we expect further disruptions and closures.

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