Airfreight recovery slows in Japan

JAPAN’S airfreight levels have recovered with the rest of the global industry, but recovered gains are starting to slip, for some more than others.

In May, All Nippon Airway’s (ANA) international air cargo levels grew for the ninth month, up 53.7 per cent from last year to 39,872 tons. This is a slight slow down from April’s 57.3 per cent.

ANA’s domestic air cargo slow only 0.6 per cent to 34,422 tons, compared to a five per cent growth in April.

However, Japan Airlines’ international cargo grew 3.7 per cent to 45,798 tons, down from 32.9 per cent in March and 12.7 per cent in April.

JAL’s domestic cargo fell 0.7 per cent to 34,942 tons.

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