Airports update – 19 January

DEMAND in the cargo sector at Munich Airport (Germany) showed a strong increase in 2011, with a total freight turnover record of 286,000 metric tonnes. Combined with airmail, the volume of flown airfreight topped 300,000 tonnes for the first time, a six per cent gain over 2010.

In the UK, Manchester Airport (pictured) is looking to develop its freight zones, as part of its £650 million (US$1 billion) ‘Airport City’ plan. Advanced discussions are already underway with freight companies. Work is expected to start by spring and will be complete in 12-15 months.

During 2011 Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals handled a total of 2,719,321 tonnes (down 6.2 per cent). This comprised 1,445,458 tonnes of exports (down nine per cent), 676,695 tonnes of imports (down 8.8 per cent) and 597,168 tonnes of transhipments (up 5.1 per cent).

Airlines operating at Philadelphia International Airport (US) are opposing an expansion plan that will add a fifth runway and extend two more, citing unrealistic expectations from the city’s leaders and questionable cost projections. UPS is worried about relocating its current freight base to a less optimal part of the airport and Delta, Southwest and US Airways have raised concerns.

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