Alcohol-free World Cup Brazilian beer leaves bitter taste

SURELY it’s an air cargo conspiracy against true football (soccer, for our US readers) supporters.
That otherwise esteemed charter broker Air Charter Service (ACS) has owned up to organising a sneaky charter for the first landing of a B747-8 freighter (above) at Hahn Airport in Germany.
It can be revealed that the movement was organised for the transport of ‘de-alcoholisation apparatus’ to São Paulo, Brazil. It will be used to reduce the alcohol concentration in Brazilian beer during the FIFA World Cup taking place there next year.
Stephan Blank, managing director of ACS Germany, confesses: “The 35-tonne shipment was transported in 24 pieces, secreted inside wooden boxes.
“FIFA has banned alcoholic beverage consumption within the stadia of World Cup matches. In Brazil, non-alcoholic beers are simply not produced, so they are de-alcoholising the beer they have.”
Unbelievable, but true. It’s enough to make you spill your beer . .
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