AMI achieves 40 per cent online bookings

THE UK arm of AMI has achieved 40 per cent of all its cargo and Eurotrux bookings now being made online. The company is targeting 50 per cent by the end of 2009.

“With a reduction in telephone calls, we are able to focus on other tasks like issuing fast post flight updates and spot-rating shipments. Most telephone calls are now answered within 10 seconds at our London Gatwick HQ,” said general manager business development, Nigel Moolenaar.

“With the current problems in the industry, our customers are under increasing pressure to handle more business with less resource. Pricing is becoming more and more short-term and it is getting harder to produce a tariff that doesn’t require constant revision. The internet offers the best platform for displaying fast-moving rates whilst also offering a quick and easy way to book on them.

“Booking online is simpler, quicker, available 24/7 and generates a booking confirmation including flight details and a breakdown of all charges, except for security and line-haul which are entered upon receipt at our hub.”
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