AMI cuts rates across Europe

AMI Express is enhancing its European services and reducing rates in 49 countries, effective 1 March.

A new overnight service will be introduced to Germany. Closing out in Colnbrook near Heathrow at 20.00, this uses dedicated nightly flights from Southend Airport to Kassell in central Germany, where shipments transfer onto the GO express network for next morning delivery across Germany.

At the same time, AMI Express has slashed rates to 49 European countries, and is scrapping non-docs surcharges throughout Europe. The company’s latest tariff also targets larger shipments above 10 kilos, for which it is now much more competitive, while spot-rating operates on shipments above 30 kilos. AMI Express is maintaining its fuel surcharge at just six per cent.

Bruce Craig, commercial manager, said: “Our broad supplier base has enabled us to choose the very best provider to any given destination. In some instances, this is an integrator because of its reliable network to less developed areas. In other situations such as major city catchments, a smaller local-based independent has been selected because it offers later close-outs and added scope for special deliveries.”

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