AMI Express sess UK-Europe traffic climb

AMI Express, is celebrating a 25 per cent boost to its traffic from the UK to Europe, just eight weeks after it announced a total review of its services. Despite dramatic rate reductions to 49 countries, revenue was also up 14 per cent.

Other measures in the AMI Express review included the introduction of a new next-morning service covering Germany, the scrapping of non-docs surcharges throughout Europe, more competitive rates for shipments over 10 kilos, spot-rating on shipments over 30 kilos, and the pegging of its fuel surcharge at just six per cent. European carriers and delivery partners were also scrutinised to improve competitiveness, reliability and transit times.

“The impact of our service review has been immediate and dramatic,” said Pat Walsh, AMI Express general manager. “We have achieved our goal of offering customers a choice of speed and price to suite every eventuality, and business is continuing to climb. We are very pleased at the market’s positive response.”

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