AMI Express slashes rates

AMI Express, has launched a new drive for heavier express shipments, with dramatic reductions on its rates from the UK to the Americas.

AMI Express GS rates to all USA destinations have seen massive cuts for all shipments from 71-500 kilos. The company has also started publishing rates for shipments over this weight, which were previously subject to ad-hoc quotation.

Meanwhile AMI Express GX rates for shipments over 10 kilos to New York and all other USA destinations, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, central America and South America, are also being slashed. The company has started publishing rates to Cuba and the Falklands for the first time, to complete its regional coverage.

Patrick Walsh, AMI Express general manager, said: “This rate reduction programme makes AMI Express more competitive than ever before to the Americas. We are giving our customers an extra incentive to put all their traffic – both lightweight and heavyweight shipments – into our system. We are publishing rates for heavier shipments to make it easier for our customers to give instant quotes and win traffic.

“We believe strongly in the quality of the services we are offering to the Americas, and he addition of even more competitive rates, will provide our customers with an unbeatable product to offer in the market.”

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