AMI rebrands Hong Kong operation

UAC Asia HK has been re-branded AMI Asia HK. It is the final element of the UAC business – acquired by AMI in 2007 – to be brought under the AMI brand. At the same time, AMI has registered and launched AMI China Ltd, its first operation in mainland China, based in Shanghai.

AMI’s senior vice-president Peter Weir, said: “There are many master co-loaders in China, but none of them are truly neutral wholesalers operating the AMI ‘trade only’ concept. AMI has operated from this region for many years, but our original local partner arrangements did not permit the use of the AMI brand. The appearance of this globally recognised name, which is part of a major plc, will enable a wider cross-section of local agents to discover the benefits of these services with total confidence.

Mike Pattinson, AMI’s South Pacific vice-president sales and development, is responsible for development in Asia. “Initially, we will be offering general consolidation services, airport-to-door worldwide and express services from Shanghai to London.

“The concept of neutral, trade-only airfreight wholesale is still in its infancy here, but the AMI model will work here just as well as it has in other markets. By levelling the playing field for small to mid-sized agents, the potential for growth is vast.”

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