ANA global cargo down 44 per cent

ALL Nippon Airways (ANA) has lost US$278 million financial year to date compared to a net profit of $242 million last year.“While we have implemented a range of measures to boost revenues and cut costs, we were unable to offset the slump in demand and fall in unit prices,” ANA said.ANA’s international cargo revenue dropped 44.8 per cent to $251 million, although actual freight tonnage carried was only down 5.5 per cent to 186,000 tons, revealing exactly how low rates now are.Domestic cargo revenue only fell 3.8 per cent $173.6 million after carrying 229,000 tons, down 2.5 per cent from last year.“International cargo volumes showed signs of demand gradually returning from February this year, thanks to domestic demand stimulus measures in China. However, both cargo volumes and unit prices fell year-on-year, due to factors including intensifying competition and a revision to fuel surcharges,” ANA said.“Domestic cargo volumes dropped overall year-on-year, partly due to downsizing of aircraft, although home parcel delivery services using flights centred on Okinawa held steady,” ANA said.

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