Appel steps into Zumwinkels shoes

LOGISTICS head Frank Appel, will take over as Deutsche Post chief following Klaus Zumwinkel’s departure. Zumwinkel is suspected of evading a €1 million tax bill, by using banks in Lichtenstein.
Germany’s finance ministry is investigating hundreds of suspects believed to have defrauded tax authorities, however Zumwinkel is the only suspect to be named so far.
Appel joined Deutsche Post in 2000 and had been tipped as a favourite to succeed Zumwinkel, and is in charge of the corporate division logistics, for mail international, for regulation management as well as the cross-divisional responsibility for the Group’s 100 largest customers (Global Customer Solutions). His contract as CEO runs until October 31, 2012.
The DPWN supervisory board also agreed to extend the contract of chief financial officer John Allan by two years until the end of 2010.

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