Aramex Deliver Waxwork

ARAMEX UK recently delivered a life size waxwork of the 17th century botanist George Everhard Rumphius created by Mike Wade Associates, craftsmen to Madam Tussaud’s from London to Singapore; where it formed part of an award-winning exhibit for specialist Nepenthes plant growers Borneo Exotics at this year’s Singapore Garden Festival.

Designers Diana Williams and Robert Cantley from Sri Lankan company, Borneo Exotics were one of the chosen few at this summer’s event and staged a 100 m2 garden called ‘Season of Mist’, which showed off their Nepenthes plants and also featured wax figure of Rumphius as he was the man who gave the first ever scientific description of a Nepenthes plant. The exhibit was entirely constructed in Sri Lanka before being containerised and shipped to Singapore where it came straight out of the box in perfect condition, thanks to logistics partner Aramex.

“Rumphius was a big hit with the visitors because he was so incredibly lifelike,” said Cantley. “Without Aramex’ professionalism, this exhibition would not have been possible.”

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