Aramex expands across Germany

ARAMEX announced the opening of its new offices across Germany, further expanding the company’s presence in the country and providing enhanced wholesale express services to its customers.
As part of the company’s business expansion strategy, Aramex has started operations in three new offices located at Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt respectively, with Hamburg serving as the country head office. Cologne will host the main hub, night operations and line-haul system, while Frankfurt will serve as the international gateway for imports, exports and customs clearance.
“Germany is a vibrant European market for Aramex and we believe there is still huge potential to expand our specialised wholesale services in the country, especially for business from Germany to the Middle East,” says Fady Shoucair, country manager, Aramex. “Besides the Middle East, we are also actively promoting our wholesale solutions for express business bound to South Asia and the Far East.
“We have already established direct continental services from Frankfurt to our regional hub operations in Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong in order to ensure the best cost and service combination. As our business continues to grow, we look forward to further expanding our sales activities to additional key markets within Germany.”

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