Arrow drops turbine on town

ENGINE parts from a US cargo plane fell onto a Brazilian residential district last week. Parts of the DC-10’s turbine, belonging to Miami-based Arrow Cargo, fell onto the town of Manaus, north of Sao Paulo, damaging 22 houses, a church and a car. There were no injuries

The aeroplane had taken off from Manaus airport en route to Bogotá in Colombia. It continued with its flight after the incident and only diverted when bad weather forced it to land at Medallin.

Arrow Cargo flies to and from the US and South and Central Americas using DC-8s and DC-10s.

However, the Brazilian Air Force claims that the aircraft had no permit to carry cargo even though it did on the flight.

Since 2008, the majority of the company is owned by MatlinPatterson. Managing partner, Lap Chan said previously: “We intend to modernise and expand Arrow’s existing fleet by introducing B757’s in late 2008 and A330’s in early 2010 to facilitate the company’s continued growth and improve the company’s profitability.”

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