Asiana adopts new tie down cargo straps

KOREA’S Asiana Cargo is the first carrier to adopt new, industry-regulated cargo tie-down straps.
The upgraded devices, which prevent cargo movement during flight, are mandatory from 2016.
Manufacturer AmSafe Bridport is to deliver the first batch for Asiana’s entire cargo fleet, ensuring the earliest possible compliance with the regulations.
IATA’s Unit Load Device (ULD) regulation panel have come up with a global standard to increase safety by insisting on a universal minimum design, performance and quality standard for all straps.
AmSafe Bridport is the only firm to be granted US and European regulatory safety approval for its TSO C172 tie-down strap.
Asiana Airlines’ Jae Hong Lim states: “This means we’re ahead of vital industry regulations and have the peace of mind of knowing that we’re working with the global industry leader in safety restraint products.”
Joe Ashton, of AmSafe Bridport’s Cargo Product Group, notes: “For too long, unregulated straps have sullied the air cargo market.
IATA’s mandate is the right step and means the industry has the regulated straps needed to ensure safe, secure air cargo transportation,” he adds.
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