Athens Airport continues to improve service levels

ATHENS Airport customs is now installing integrated IT-based communication systems throughout the cargo operation.
Since the new airport at Athens was opened nearly 10 years ago, the cargo community has worked closely to improve service levels.
Vasiliki Kalamara (right), who took over as head of airport customs 18 months ago, said: “It is vital that we provide a fast and flexible service to encourage more freight traffic at this airport. Being an active member of the cargo committee has helped us to identify the various challenges and changes needed to fulfil customers’ needs and remain competitive in the international market. Following on from the Olympic Games four years ago we have gradually introduced more flexible procedures and operating hours particularly for freighters mostly operating at night. With reasonable notice we are able to provide customs clearance around the clock when needed. This is making Athens airport an increasingly attractive hub for freighter operators and integrators. In cooperation with the EU we plan to install fully integrated e-communications during 2009/10. This is a major task and we are already holding a series of seminars to introduce the project to the entire cargo community. It is our aim to get the system up and running during 2010. Having our entire cargo system online brings us to the same level as other European airports.”

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