Atlant-Soyuz poised for global entry with IL-96-400F

THE impact of Russian-based airlines on the international freight market, will step up another level in March when Atlant-Soyuz makes history by accepting the first Il-96-400T freighter into service.

Comparable in terms of capacity with the MD-11, but with lower operating costs, at least on paper, the Il-96-400T will be used to launch international all-cargo services for the ambitious airline.

“We will receive the first Il-96-400T in March,” said Alexey Malyarevich, head of sales and cargo marketing, at the recent World Air Cargo Event in Bahrain. “The project started two years ago and, after much work, the test flying is complete and certification is imminent,” he added.

The delivery marks the first of five examples Atlant has on order to be funded under a 15-year finance lease deal with Ilyushin Finance.

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