Atlas contests FAA fine for unsafe maintenance

THE US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to fine Atlas Air over $572,000 for improper maintenance and repairs on its freighters, but the carrier is opposing the ruling.

For the first violation, the FAA alleges that Atlas Air installed a replacement cockpit window on a Boeing 747F incorrectly, resulting in pressure leaks when in use on 49 flights between 4 April and 27 April last year.

For the second violation, the FAA alleges that on 14 and 15 May last year Atlas operated a 747 from Huntsville (US) to Glasgow (UK), Luxembourg (city) and back to Huntsville without an outboard engine pylon access panel door. Instead, an aluminium piece of sheet metal was fixed over the door opening using only speed tape. On both flights the panel came off in mid-flight and was replaced at each stop.

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