Australia overhauls supply chain security

AUSTRALIA is changing a law to make consignors of airfreight more accountable for their cargo.Transport minister, Anthony Albanese (right), said: “It is the government’s view that cargo which can either be transported by…air should, where possible, be certified for security purposes early in the supply chain.”
“An example of this is express parcels that are transported domestically. At present, air cargo security measures, such as X-ray examination, physical search and explosive trace detection tests, are not used until it is decided that the parcel in question will definitely travel by air, which can be when the relevant package is at the airport.
Albanese said the government is proposing goods are checked earlier in the supply chain, when they are in a less consolidated state and more easily unpacked and scrutinised if necessary. The amendments to the Bill will allow for the certification of cargo at any appropriate point in the supply chain and will expand the classes of industry participants who can certify airfreight. This will mean that the person who examines the cargo can also certify it at the same time.
“In the example of an express parcel,” explained Albanese, “these amendments mean the parcel can be inspected and cleared before it is sealed, allowing for a greater amount of certainty that its contents do not pose a threat to aviation security.”

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