Australia promotes Melbourne airfreight

AUSTRALIA’S state Victoria has launched an organisation to boost its supply chain performance. The Victorian Airfreight Working Group (VAWG) will focus on issues affecting the growth and productivity of Victoria’s airfreight sector.

“We recognise that our airfreight industry is critical to getting so many of our products to domestic and international markets,” said Australian industry and trade minister, Martin Pakula. “The new group has an important and challenging task ahead of them – to help ensure Victoria’s airfreight capabilities remain competitive while also meeting future demands.”

The VAWG will be chaired by Wes McDiarmid of Röhlig Australia, with a broad-based and experienced membership representing all stakeholders from shippers and airlines to airport operators and government.

“Melbourne has recorded growth in air freight exports throughout the first six months of 2009 and for the calendar year to date accounts for 34 per cent of air freight exports from Australia,” Mr Pakula said.

“In June 2009 Melbourne Airport achieved 6,150 tonnes of exports representing year-on-year growth of 14.5 per cent and exceeding Sydney’s rate of 10.7 per cent.”
“It will help develop our air freight capabilities, which include multiple international airports with curfew-free operating hours, substantial land banks for future expansion of freight facilities and excellent road, rail and ports infrastructure for companies using air, road, rail and sea shipments in sophisticated supply chains.”

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