Aviapartner posts big rise in revenue

AVIAPARTNER realised a consolidated turnover of 378.6 million Euro in 2007, up by 35 per cent in comparison with 2006 (280.5 million Euro).

This revenue growth can be explained by the additional turnover in the cargo business unit (44 per cent increase compared to 2006), thanks to the acquisition of the Amsterdam cargo handler Aero Groundservices in April 2007, the customer portfolio increase in Paris-CdG and Lyon, and the full impact of the MK Airlines contract effective since mid-July 2006 in Ostend.

In the handling business unit the considerable extension of the customer portfolio in several stations in France (Lyon, Marseille, Nice and Toulouse) and the full impact of the start-up in Rome-Fiumicino and Milan-Malpensa resulted in an increase by 17 per cent of the handling turnover.

Aviapartner’s passenger and ramp handling services represented about 55 per cent of turnover in 2007, while cargo handling represented 34 per cent, the remaining 11 per cent being spread over the catering and technics activities.

The percentage of full freighters in the Aviapartner Cargo turnover rose from 24 per cent to 45 per cent in 2007, further, among others, to the acquisition of Aero Groundservices.

The operational profit (EBITDA) of the group evolved in a positive way in 2007, up by 30 pr cent compared to the year before.

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