BA pulls other carriers into cargo price-fixing lawsuit

BRITISH Airways (BA) has issued legal proceedings against 24 other airlines to make them equally responsible for any fines that the court gives it.

BA is being sued by almost 250 companies after pleading guilty to being part of an air cargo price-fixing cartel.

According to a statement from Hausfeld & Co, the law firm for the two small flower importers who sued the airline – Emerald Supplies and Southern Glass House Produce – say the move will protect BA from the full brunt of the fine.

“Our clients are bringing this case because they are aggrieved at being victims of this cartel for nearly six years. It was an illegal activity and they want restitution,” said Anthony Maton, a partner at Hausfeld. “BA’s action is a recognition of how serious this issue is and that it needs to be dealt with.”

Air France, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Qantas and Singapore – all named by BA – have refused to comment.

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