Bangladesh exports suffer cargo shortage

INADEQUATE cargo storage facilities at Dhaka International Airport (pictured) are damaging one of Bangladesh’s most important export streams.

A lack of storage space has meant garments waiting for export have been stockpiled under open sky for long periods of time, deteriorating the quality.

To make matters worse an organised group is stealing the items stored at the cargo village and is selling them at city markets at cheaper prices, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association chief Shafiul Islam Mohiuddin says.

Legitimate buyers do not accept the consignment from the cargo village if a single piece of apparel goes missing, he adds. Due to this, sometimes the entire consignment is rejected or exporters are required to pay heavy sums in demurrage.

As the number of buyers and exporters rises, the problem will only escalate. In response the Bangladesh Government has agreed to construct more cargo sheds Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister, Faruk Khan, says.

Bangladeshi clothes exporters are also demanding a separate immigration desk at the airport to cater to overseas buyers and exporters, but a lack of personnel numbers is generating delays.

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