BAR Backs Heathrow Expansion

The Board of Airline Representatives UK (BAR UK) has expressed its full support for the proposed, yet controversial third runway and additional terminal at Heathrow. BAR UK, which represents 95 airlines, says that the current over-crowding and over-usage of the existing two runways and passenger terminals at Heathrow are the key factors in the steady decline of destinations being served from Heathrow and the resulting loss of business for the UK.

The further loss of regional traffic from other parts of the UK, where passengers increasingly transfer flights at non-UK airports, is also cited as having a negative impact on the UK’s economy.

Mike Carrivick, BAR UK chief executive, said: “Heathrow must either thrive by expanding or lose competitiveness through lack of investment; the status quo will not prevail. Added capacity, in the form of a third runway and an additional terminal, is needed as soon as possible, not just by those UK airlines which may be based there but by all the airlines who serve Heathrow.

“Aviation already pays its own way in the UK; the proposed developments at Heathrow will be jointly funded by the airlines and airports, without any subsidies whatsoever. Acknowledging the strict planning and environmental conditions that will apply to the expansion, BAR UK seeks the full support of MPs for the proposal in today’s debate.”

Price and availability of slots at the airport has affected the ability of operators to work through Heathrow. The availability of a third runway can help slow the decline of cargo tonnage through the addition of extra capacity.

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