BA’s grassroots staff pray for peace

THE British Airways (BA) cabin crew dispute grinds on and it seems that everyone, bar senior management and the union representatives, is eager for some sort of resolution.

Staff have suggested that they are “desperate” for the conflict to end and that a growing number is considering leaving Unite, the trade union most are associated with, for another, more flexible one.

Unite has just balloted its cabin crewmembers on a new offer made by BA. They will have two weeks to vote.

George Stinnes, BA’s group treasurer and investor relations head, said: “The union has said that it will give the cabin crew a chance to speak their mind about the new offer the company has put forward. The union have made no recommendations and I think it’s a positive move that the cabin crew are being given the chance to express themselves in a confidential form of ballot.”

In addition, an anonymous BA manager claims that support at BA headquarters for senior management is also on the wane.

“Scratch below the surface and you will find that, while many proclaim to back BA, the reality is that many managers and staff of all levels are growing increasingly resentful of senior management and the chief executive,” he said. “Anyone who has attended his management briefings cannot help but liken the situation to a leader who is losing the war but will never surrender. We are a weary and embittered army who just wants peace.”

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