BDP re-groups in logistics standoff

BDP International (BDP) is forming a new global alliance of small- to medium-sized firms to challenge the dominance of the large multi-national logistics and transport companies. The new unit will be based in Singapore.
Richard Bolte Jr, president and chief executive officer of BDP International, said: “The logistics and transport industry is fiercely competitive. Survival, let alone success in the 21st century, is being driven by better service, more technology, more sales coverage, more aggressive pricing, more global presence and more knowledge.
“The multi-national logistics companies believe bigger is better. We at BDP and our partners have a different view, namely that personal relationships and intimate understanding of our clients are more important than sheer size.”
The benefits to member firms include world-class technology, sales and marketing support in priority trade routes, competitive transportation products, established operations in the world’s leading and emerging markets, expertise in trade and security compliance, finance and legal issues, strong client relationships, global integration and shared administrative services.

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